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Powerful and personal declaration of love and faith...Thank you.

God Bless~
This is a lovely piece. It's a great take on the topic. Love at any level can become a risk of a broken heart.

I stumbled over some of the lines. For example the first dare not made me stop and figure if you were saying you wish you had given birth to this child later when you were older. I did realize, after a few reads that you meant that you later would regret not loving the child. I think some well placed commas might clear this up.

You did a beautiful job putting your feelings out there for all to see. I could feel the MC's vulnerability. You did a wonderful job with this well-written piece.
The inner thoughts of the MC are both perceptive and thought provoking. I like the style and flow of this risk entry.

Wing His Words!
Congratulations for placing 11th in level one!