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Nice job - if everybody realized what is truly important...what a wonderful world this would be.

This is a beautiful testimony. It gave me goosebumps. You did a great job of sharing your innermost thoughts with us and I know that can be scary. It's funny how age changes our perspective on things.
Oh I really loved this heart warming personal inventory of one's purpose in life.

It resonated truth, and a deep sense of love for the Lord.

Well written and so honest it made me smile, and did my heart good. Thank you.

God Bless~
Many of us want to be famous when we are young, but not many of us mature into the realization that fame does not always bring happiness. Fortunately, you found your happiness in Jesus and gained the knowledge that being a good person is more important than fame.
Amen! I connected strongly with this piece, not only as it relates to myself, but as it reminded me of this dear, sweet old lady that lived next door.

Many family members spoke at her funeral. My jaw fell to the floor, and stayed there the entire time. She was a Basketball High School champion, but quit playing when she got married. This woman dedicated her life to Jesus and family. This unassuming lady, just a sweet neighbor -- I thought -- was a mega servant of Jesus. She poured out her heart and soul to her eight children and seventeen grandchildren, and always hosted visitors, strange or not, at her humble home. And I never realized it, because she was so humble.

Thank you, for the reminder.
This article is from the heart and goes to the heart of life. I really enjoyed reading it. I thank God that he gives us such clearness of vision and peace. Good writing.