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I can so relate to the MC. Great message, one we should all heed..
I simply adored this entry. It spoke to my heart. I love the mornings-I feel the Lord's presence at the start of a new day. And, the evening before going to sleep, I hold "His Words" in my hand and drift off to sleep peacefully.

This held a great message and one of truth. Thank you for showing others how great His love and presence is.

Beautiful job.

God Bless you~
"Finally, I decided to pray." How is it we always seem to think of this last, when it should be first. You're writing flows naturally and is easy to read even as it packs a powerful, important message.
I really enjoyed this. There is nothing more important than our time with God.

The only red ink I have is when the same person is talking but it is a new paragraph, use quote marks at the beginning of each new paragraph. (You don't put quotes at the end until the person is done speaking though.

I could really relate to the MC in this piece as I suffer from a chronic illness and have to be reminded to look for the light often.
This is a lovely devotional with an inspirational reminder to make God a daily priority.

Your sentence "After my prayer I lied down" is not correct. It should be, "After my prayer I lay down". I actually looked that one up. I knew "lied" was wrong, but "laid" came to mind, but that didn't seem right either. I have to admit, it sounds downright strange to me to say "I lay down" as a past tense form, but that is what two sources I looked up say. Here's one.

Anyway, nice job on your entry. :)
Congratulations for ranking 9th in level 1!
Thank you for reminding us how important prayer is to our Lord.

A great devotional piece.

Keep writing.