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You did a nice job with this piece. The analogy of prayer being like uploading has been done a lot this week. You included some thought provoking ideas.

You may want to look at your sentence structures. You use the pronouns We, I a lot. Try leaving it out and use more action verbs.

Your message is clear and a nice one. We all have special gifts and talents to praise and glorify God.
I nice piece of writing. I thought your application of the topic was good.

In the middle of the piece, you comment about your choice, and devotion, to being an engineer and how so many other professions make more money you (pastors, social workers, etc.). The section came across as bitter (which can be fine) but I'm not sure how it fit in the overall piece - wasn't sure what point you were making with that information.

I liked the message. Nice work. Please ... keep writing!