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Very interesting and well written. This goes very nicely with the theme. The imaginative title says it all.
I admire you writing about Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. I can tell it's a subject that has touched your heart.

I did have a little trouble following parts of the story,the first line seems a repeat of the title and the second isn't a complete sentence then He writes; I wasn't sure if he was writing in general or the sentence above.

Your characters were interesting and your message is one we all need to be reminded off, keep writing, you have important stories that only you can tell.
This was touching. Going through the dementia thing with my dad right now. Great message in here about labeling and writing notes to one’s self but the best message is to enjoy what reality our inflicted loved ones still do have! I did have a hard time understanding a confused Jennifer working to find her husband a new wife or confusing a dementia patient, as Jack seemed to be with a new wife! I just could not imagine either of my parents thoughts seeking that goal! Enjoyed the read of this tragic family where memories were seemingly stripped from both Jennifer and Jack.
I enjoyed your story. I did have some trouble my first read through, but I see it clearly now. I don't want my husband alone if I'm gone early in our life together. He says there will never be another... I can't think of life without him. Your story is good and has heart. Thank you for sharing!!! Keep telling it. Maybe clarify when your're ready, where Jack is writing. Add some more details, so the reader understands his mind set, as it changes. I know many who need this lesson taught!!!! I loved the Notebook too!