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Ernest is faithful, kind and grateful. Ernest is not trying to reach for the stars. The carts and his job at the store and his time at church are enough but he'd love to have a dog. I like your article because the 'intelligent' people are always reaching for the stars. They tend to be restless, unreliable, unkind and never grateful for long. What a blessing that Earnest is content with his life and happy. Yes, there is a good reason for Earnest to be just the way he is. Great article! I wish you had given him a different name though! But, of course, we get the message: earnest = devoted to God :-)
I love. this story. Earnest is a great character and your painted me a nice picture of his activities while showing how important his Mom and God are to him.

Remember to start a new paragraph each time there is a new speaker even if the quote only has one or two words in it, you should start a paragraph just for that word.

You did a great job with this story. I really enjoyed the peek into this charming MC's life. Nice job!
Really like this story, and I really like Earnest. I think you did a great job of letting us peek into Earnest's life. Keep up the good work.
You are a writer! Earnest's challenges are met with your skill. His mother's love and compassion shine through like the Son. A very special story. Write on!