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Such a wonderful story. I like the way you incorporated the Bible in at the end.

Your beautiful story conveyed the message perfectly. I love you images and you introduced the message at just the right time. Well done.
Oh how quickly we can change from being appreciative,then to the point of condemning others. A great picture of the spiritual battle that we must be armed for every day.
Good dialogue. I found this a real joy to read. Love the sin/maggots comparison.
Delightful story that was very well written. The dialogue is wonderful! I don't think you're destined to be in Beginners for long. God bless!
Lovely twist at the end. Teaching the love of God and the painful yet necesssary eviction of Adam and Eve or even sinners that refuse the grace offered, could not be demonstrated more effectively. God's judgement is always fair. Great piece, great work. Keep it up and God bless
Wow this is an outstanding message. I really enjoyed it and you definitely showed me the story and didn't just tell it. I'm still shivering over the maggots but even though it grosses me out it paints a vivid picture.

Tiny red ink - okay should be written
Out or both letters capitalized.

Not only did you tell a great, vivid story bit you managed to slip In a wonderful message without being preachy quite a difficult task to accomplish. Though I'm brushing unseen maggots from my arms this has been one of my favorite stories I've read this week!
I'm not overreacting when I tell you how wonderful it is that your story got 2nd place.