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This brought tears to my eyes. Too many youth do not realize the seriousness of the wrong decision, but 2 wrongs never make a right. I hope many young girls have the opportunity to read this and do some serious thinking.
Wow! Powerfuly written, and a great message. Well done.
So many experience this heart break and loss of support, when God creates life it is not intended to be destroyed no matter the beginning. If this is a true story know that God has plans for the life that is about to come into this world.
This is beautiful and part of it could have been my story. I remember walking into the house to find my mom asleep. I just blurted out wake up Mom I'm pregnant. I was very fortunate to have supportive parents (after the initial shock wore off) I now am the proud mother of a 26 yo. I can't imagine what life would be like without her in it. I beat many odds that most teen moms don't because my parents loved me unconditionally. This story/ letter has many lessons in it. Nicely done.
fantastic! i love the way you have written it as a letter to the unborn child and told the story simply and clearly without alot of flowery bits yet in the telling the emotion of the story clearly will touch even the most
hard hearted reader.
your young character has a real strength and maturity and i am so glad you gave her a supportive friend.
I hope it is on the winners board but there seem to be some strong contenders in this level.
one of my favorites :-)
What a beautiful story. Your character sounds like a lovely, mature young woman who is letting her unborn baby know that she is a precious gift. Even though this child is out of wedlock, it is still a gift from God and greatly loved by Him. I had my son out of wedlock. This wasn't God's plan but I know that God was with me throughout my pregnancy and that He loved this precious life that I was carrying. When I look at my son, I am filled with such love and joy. And I thank God for him.

Thank you for this story. It is true that going to church does not make a person a Christian. To be a true Christian you have to have Jesus in your heart. God provided a way for this young mother--she and her child were accepted into a home where the love of Christ truly existed.
This is an amazing, powerful, and lovely story. So well written, so moving. Truly taking the theme of "dropout" (which can have a negative idea tied to it) and filling it with "hope." Thank you SO very much!
Congratulations for ranking 7th in your level!