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I really enjoyed this. I have a friend who lived in the desert and planted plastic flowers in her yard because real ones wouldn't grow. I liked the good deed in secrecy in the end. Some times secret actions are the biggest blessings to the heart of others. Thanks for this sweet story!
This is a delightful story! I'd love to know if it's true. Well-one.
That should be "well-done". Sorry. :-)
This was fun and sweet. I really like it. You get a double thumbs up and hope to see this in the editors favourites (hint, hint Deb :) ) I will remember this story for days to come (which is a good thing, trust me).
Great story!....It gives me a new appreciation for plastic flowers planted in the dirt. I never could understand why anyone would do that. Now everytime I see that I will think of this lovely heartwarming tale.
I enjoyed your story. It was a pleasure to read. Thanks!
Wow--terrific job! You've managed to paint quite a vivid picture of Agnes and her community. Excellent job injecting just the right amount of emotion without it becoming maudlin.
This story is very heartwarming. It's nice when people pull together to help someone other than themselves.
A wonderful portrait of how a lovely lady, and a great story of how one person can touch the lives of a whole community. Holds the reader very well, God bless.
What a sweet story. An enjoyable read. Well done.
A truly enjoyable entry. You've managed to show love and appreciation in this well-written stroy.
Deanna, this was lovely and I wanted to let you know that you ranked 8th in the Level 1 listings, which really is very good. You also ranked 29th overall - that's out of a total of 145 entries, so I think you really do deserve a pat on the back.

I really loved this story - it was delightful, and you painted the small town and Agnes on her porch beautifully. The only thing that let it down - slightly - was that the flow was a tiny bit stilted in parts, and you used Agnes' name a little too often. Try to think of alternatives instead. But really, these were relatively minor things. I know we're going to see a lot of wonderful things from you in the future. Keep up the great work.

With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)