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I'm glad you learned your lesson in time and it was told in an adorable yet important way. Good job.
Wow what an eye opener. I could see it when I was young but my husband could not, but praise God we didn't watch very much violence. About the worst was Gene Autry, orRoy Rogers, but our daughter was 5 and so frightened at the shooting that she would cry and cry. And yes, she became hardened to it, but so thankful that things were not as rough as today. We seldom watch ANY T.V. now. Hopefully your article will be a help to other parents.
Shout it from the roof tops so
young parents can hear! I would give attention to the it's/its. I think in the second stanza, you meant to use "its" Great message.
Nice poem with a much needed message. Thanks for sharing it.
I just wanted to leave a comment here for all who so faithfully read, comment and encourage me and all of us!
Thank you!

(and I did mean "its", not "it's" in stanza two. Thank you!