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I loved this story. You got the truth of the subject across without pointing any fingers at anyone special, and showing what a Christ-like person should be like.
Great! you brought the gossip in from the victims point of view! Keep writing!
This is a great story. You make many excellent points. Gossip has pushed teens to kill themselves. Another great point you made has been shown in studies. Often when a teen's suicide attempt failed and they were asked what they were thinking. They say something like I wanted to see the look on their faces. Teens often don't understand had they succeeded they wouldn't be around to see the looks in other's faces. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Your story did an outstanding job showing this.
Loved your story. Well presented. Easy to read. You got the point accross well. I agree with the above comments.
Very good story!
Thank you for a story that ends well. You really portrayed her plight well. I could feel her pain.
Good story. I felt very connected to the victim from beginning to end.

Congratulations on your excellent placing.
Congratulations, Judy. I like it ... your story ... lots!
And I am actuallt quite jeallous of the title. I love it. Maybe I can come to you for titles? :)