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This is small too common story. It is quite easy to stay at home and avoid people.

I was a little confused if the speaker was remembering Daisy because there weren't quotation marks around that part but when I got to the end I figured it all out.

I really like your message and it's one I definitely need to be reminded of. Thanks for sharing. I hope it will helpme to conquer my fears as well.
This is a very nice story, and a pleasant reminder of how God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.

In reading through the paragraphs, I came across some sentences that may be classified as run-on, otherwise, I really enjoyed your story.

Very powerful piece! God bless!
Aw, very nice story! A message we all need to take to heart.

Many who are painfully shy will really relate to your main character.

I'd have liked to get to know her better--the narrative about Daisy was a lot of 'tell', but not much 'show'. And I felt the topic of face-to-face communication was only lightly touched on.

I liked that you showed Daisy having a gradual transformation rather than a totally sudden change--very true to life and inspiring.
Inspirational, especially to those who are truly intimdated by person to person conversations. I enjoyed the process of working through that.
I like the approach the conference speaker took in introducing herself to the group. Thanks for writing and keep it up.