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You make an excellent point. How often I've been hurt by another's words yet I've had the audacity to question God from time to time. It breaks my heart to know I have hurt Him.
Thought-provoking devotional.

There seemed to be somewhat of a lack of focus or flow.

I love the word 'aright' and its connotation--a very apt title for this little gem.
Great thoughts!
Too often we don't think of things from God's POV. When we learn to trust in His soveriegnity, we rest in His wisdom for our lives.
Thanks for writing this.
I liked your examples of what we might talk with God about. Real conversation with God is the heart of keeping our walk with Him up to date, and this is a good reminder.
Good thoughts.

However, I don't think it's necessarily wrong to ask God "Why?" even if it were face to face. If it's in anger, yes, that would be wrong. But if it's honestly wondering, I don't think God has a big problem with that.

I do get your main points, though, and they are good ones.
Good thoughts here...will give me some things to ponder. Thanks for sharing.