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You did a great job with the Bible story. I had never seen it explained quite like this and it opened my eyes. The dialogue from the family seemed like a scene from an old black and white TV show. But I really like the idea that families sit down and talk about the Bible. It's definitely a great way to spend the dinner hour.
Just another quick note when you quote the Bible make sure you include what version you are using. In my NIV Bible it doesn't use the word secretly.(just wanted to show how different translations can vary.

I still like the fact that you gave me a different way to look at the story. It's amazing how God can help me see what I need to know just like He is talking to me alone.
Your description of the conversation at the meal was well done, although it confused me at first, since they weren't eating physical food. In a few places you jumped from present tense to past tense, so maybe you can watch for that in the future. You made your point clear, although I'm not sure I agree with your interpretation.