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This is a great lesson. The last line really says it all.

The first paragraph had several words that you used 2-4 times in that one paragraph. Count how many times you say taste or horrible. Just mixing it up with some different words, ex.terrible, yucky
savor,palatableness I also noticed in the first sentence you used business when you should have used the plural businesses. But these are easy fixes.

However, I really enjoyed the journey you took me on. I'm a huge Coke fan and have tasted other country's version of Coke. You did a good job tying it all together for a meaningful lesson in the end.
You got my little old taste buds, w a t e r i n g :)

Your research paid off, as this is enjoyably informative. I had no idea that Coca-Cola was made differently depending on regions.

You gave me "food for thought" with your statement about our tastes giving us personality and character...had never thought about it before, but you are right!

Your last sentence is awesome!!
What an interesting and informative article. I loved learning about the different tastes of Coca Cola and you did a great job of using it to make the point about wine.

I would have like to hear more about our tastes for Jesus. Maybe you could have been a little more concise about KFC (or left it out) so you could have had more space to elaborate on the main point.

But I did enjoy seeing my relationship with Him in a new light.