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Outside of capitalizing each word at the beginning of each line (but I am not sure, I am correct about that)....this was deliciously worded. My mouth watered as I read this phrase:God’s love is desperately needed to satisfy the taste of forgiveness. Refreshingly deep but with the elegance of simplicity. Good Job!
This has such a beautiful message. At times it is a little distracting- you used an extra is in the first stanza, if you meant to have two then you should have used a semi-colon or comma to let the reader know you were continuing the thought. The lack of capitalization to me seemed like a statement. You were only capitalizing God until that last sentence. I could sense that you felt little, unimportant next to our mighty Lord. The passion and underlying message is very beautiful and creative.
What a hunger for God and His Word! The verbs point to this in most every line. Polish this up and it will really shine.:) [Time doesn't allow for much editing until after the fact here.]

You have a nice grasp of writing skills and it appears you have your own style of free verse. Keep writing and rewriting.

Love especially your last phrase: Devouring His word is the satisfaction our soul needs to experience the taste of His love.
I like the free-sytle of this poem. That's something I don't do well. Great last line too.