The Official Writing Challenge
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True, true and true. We as Christians need to keep spreading the word and not grow weary. This world (Satan's world for the time)is disheartening which should give us even more encouragement to keep fighting the good fight amidst the battle ! Your article is definitely thought provoking and I for one want my hearing improved :)
I hear you and agree.
As to the writing, perhaps you may want to get the message across in a softer way. Asking many pointed questions can lose the reader and you want to use the writing to capture him and convince.
Love your heart.

We do need to heed your thoughts.I like the title. May God bless you and refine and temper your message until hearts are soft and it is heard. Ruth
You've made some good points, and so have the other FaithWriters. Preachers often write as they speak, but the written voice reaches a different audience. It's easier to put down an article than to walk out of a room. As you hone your gift you'll increase your number of readers. Good teaching...