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Ouch! That is a hard thing to swallow, when a writer puts so much effort--blood, sweat and tears kind of effort, into a piece of work, only to be told that their brilliance is not their own.

You did a great job of showing how your MC struggled through the whole writing process and it tied together nicely to explain by showing, rather than telling, why it was such a blow when the B was received. Thanks for sharing!
You did a great job of conveying the inner turmoil that accompanies a writer's struggles with deadlines. Liked the MC's perseverance and loathed the untrue accusation of it not being her own work. Even got knots in my stomach for her, so, yes...good job touching this reader!
I enjoyed this one, and I felt the main character's angst throught the entire piece. (I had a similar experience in a college Accounting course. My homework answers happened to exactly match the answers in the back of the book!)

One thing I'd like to mention is this statement, "she yelled within herself." The 'within' throws me for some reason. Maybe something like she screamed silently, or, inside she was screaming. And with, "resolved within herself." I think you can just say 'she resolved'.

This was a very relatable piece, and a fresh and unique take on the subject. You did a great job running emotion throughout it.
I could feel the MC's pain. You put blood, sweat and tears into an article and got very little feed back or a grade such as she received from the teacher who was not to be found. Good job.