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You have described quite well how a writer gets swept out of this world and into the world of his manuscript. Good job. I had a bit of difficulty understanding the sequence of events, but I think I figured it out, except the first paragraph...was that the creation scene for when God created angels? and the following scenes were the fall of Satan. Regardless, you described the beauty of God throughout.
Love the ending!

There were places where more pargraphing was needed; each speaker should get his own paragraph.

You really drew us in to the story--then brought us abruptly to earth with your last little bit, just as the author of the MS was. Excellent twist!
Oh, I meant to say--if you do anything more with this, consider a new title. That one is the name of a famous movie--and a piece this original should have a title equally unique!
What a story. I love how you used the Bible to tell it. Fallen angels. I enjoyed this very much. Take Jan' critiques to heart. Keep writing and God bless.
Wow... chilling story! The wife's comments were priceless. :) Nice work on this!