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A very well wrtten story.
I would not have expected to find this in the beginners level.
Very creative take on the topic as well.
Absolutely love the clever addition to God turning the pages. Great story and well written. You definitely won't stay in this level very long.
This is a delightful concept. Your layout was a real page turner.
Beautiful! Also, as the mother of a teenager it gives me hope as the pages turn.
I loved this piece. What a joy to read: thoughtful, heartwarming, and engaging. I was especially amused by the way the story unfolded, with the turning of pages--how quickly life can fly by, as quickly as reading a book. And how abruptly the scenes can change with each new chapter.

When the pages were turning, I felt like I was reading the book of your daughter's life, or, almost like I was in the book, which was quite enjoyable.

At the end, you changed to a summary-form, and I sort of wished you would have kept 'turning the pages' until the 'The End'.

Even still, I think this is a very nicely written story, and a clever way to capture a 'Reader'.
Oh yes, this was good. I had forgotten this was from the Beginner's list--until other readers' comments. Well written; great descriptions of places, emotions, etc. Thanks for a wonderful word picture.
Reading this piece has made me reflect on how fast my own children are growing up--and to relish each and every moment!!
Very nice job! Having raised two teenage daughters, I rolled along in your story as if it were me. Love how you used God's finger turning the pages of time. It reminds me of the song "Don't Blink". Thanks for this great read.
A lovely story which I very much enjoyed.
Such an unique twist on the topic.

A minor editing note -capitalize Mom when using it as a name or when it's not prefaced by my or the.

I loved the phrase and God turns the page. As I'm hurting with my teens as they journey through the bumps in the road, I take heed of your wisdom. Your testimony left me with tears.