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Wonderful! I could feel the ups and downs of emotions you experienced! I love the Joan of Arc dreams. The ending touching story of your gift of a pen to use your spiritual gift is priceless! Keep exercising your gifts and your faith!
Great "On Topic" story. Thoroughly enjoyed it, related to it and felt for you on bended knee in humiliation. Having been 16 (many years ago)...your pity party with you as the guest of honor and the only attendee gave me a good chuckle.

Loved your ending! Great Job!
You told a very poignant story. it is true that 16 yo girls tend to suffer deeply.

You had a couple of minor editing glitches but those can be fixed easily. I've learned the hard way to press the preview button at least 3 times before I press submit.

I particularly enjoyed the enter Professor part. How true that we all have some kind of talent. often it takes several attempts at different things to find our niche, but it's there if we keep looking.

Wonderful story. I think you nailed the topic. So glad you found you gift for writting. May it be blessed one hundren fold.
Your story reminded me of one from the Bible.

When Peter cut off the ear of the soldier in the Garden, thinking the sword could overcome the enemy of his Lord. Yet it was Jesus the "LIVING WORD" who brought peace to the situation, showing Peter that the way of the sword only brings death. Peter later became a very powerful witness; his only weapon the sword of the spirit!

Well written and very encouraging!
Aww, what a sweet ending! I'm sure you thank God every day for that wonderful English teacher who helped you to see where your gift lies.
I've had experiences like that throughout my childhood as well. I've always been pretty critical of myself, thinking if something's not done 100% it's not good enough. I've had some of those pity parties about wishing and wondering why I'm not good at a certain thing. But my parents helped me to realize that God gives everyone different talents, and mine happens to be writing. And I wouldn't have it any other way. :) What a wonderful power there is in the written word!
Great job using your gift. ;)
I love those old swashbuckling movies, too!

I wonder if you perhaps took the prompt a bit too literally?

At any rate, this was a fun story to read--and I'm glad you're using that "pen"! Really good title, too.
Emily, congrats on placing 6th in Level 1! That's an accomplishment :-)

If you haven't already, be sure to check out the highest rankings on the forums:
I missed this last week, but seeing your entry this week, made me go back. I love your graceful writing, Emily. I could see your fall and humiliation in my mind. So glad your teacher encouraged you to share your beautiful gift!