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This is a great testimony of someone walking in a trial and professing faith at the same time. My heart goes out to men who are out of work and have the desire to take such good care of their families but as you say, God is faithful!
Sincere congratulations to you on your faith-witness - well told. Thank you for sharing yours. May you know the peace of the Lord.
Yes, God is faithful and trustworthy... I will always remember that. Thank you for your testimony of trust and believing in the strength of our Lord. God bless you.
Great ending! I love that you didn't feel the need to provide that last sentence that would "tie it all up", but you trusted your writing and your readers.

A few minor errors in grammar and punctuation to be polished up, and this will be a real gem. (I kept thinking--it'd be ironic if the place that fired the narrator was a church...would be a great twist).
This was a great read as the story moved right along. You covered a lot of territory. My one suggestion is to maybe add in some other details amongst all the dialogue to help me see the settings more. But then again, that might just be me as the rapid dialogue did keep it moving and engaging.
In retrospect your title is great! I like that you left this open-ended. The faith of your main character shines through, despite the rough circumstances.
I loved the strong faith potrayed by your MC, inspiring!