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i think that you meant to say Sunday morning, instead of Sunday more, but this was hilarious! Very well written, and a great article. Loved it all, especially the fact that you were greeted warmly in spite of your dress. Certainly a good Christian attitude. Campers can hardly carry their Sunday Best with them and need to worship too. Great job!
That was a fun story. It made me laugh too.
Very cute story!

There were some problems with singulars/plurals (check out your usage of 'hat' and 'pew' for the women), but all in all, this was a charming and delightful read.

Even though you had some typos (they can be easily fixed) I found myself chuckling at this amusing story. You did a good job of bringing the reader in and making me feel like I was there with you.
Many of the writers on this website also do a little editing, so we have to mention the typos. True, they can be easily fixed.

This was a fun read. I loved it, especially the last few paragraphs. When the witty pastor mention that hymn, I would have laughed out loud myself. Actually, I did while reading your story.

I would like to see this story in print. I just need some minor tweaks here and there but the humor and visual imagery are priceless!

Good job!
Having gone from a mega church to a country church to a small Midwest home church in a farm community, I can easily relate. Besides, God looks at the heart, not our outward dress. Well done.
Congratulations on the top 15 in your level!
Marilyn, congrats on placing 6th overall in Level 1! Be sure to check out the highest rankings page on the boards: