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I'm not sure if it is just me or not but I got confused and couldn't keep up. Your message I believe: Bad Company Corrupts Good Morals? Just wasn't sure about never cooking for Demons and was the teacher, his mother?
Interesting story of peer pressure and someone stepping in to save another. Upon thinking on it a bit, I'm guessing that, "Never cook for demons," must be something similar to not casting your pearls before swine.
"Never Cook For Demons," May not be readily understood by a family of faith all over the world, that's what makes writing tricky sometimes.

In your later dialogue you did better without tags, but read aloud how it sounds to say, Quickly, Fred the bully, interpolated.

Read Lisa Mikatarian's pieces esp. on dialogue, and creating the simplicity of voice in her work.

Trust me when I say we all work hard at this. Never give up. We learn everyday.