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This was excellent! I could get into her head and have travelled to that same land myself on many occasions. I wondered how you would resolve it and taking the source of discontent away was a great way to do it.
Very much like a novel I just finished reading! I love when God shows us these things, even if it hurts. Thanks for sharing!
I really liked this, the way you explore the characters doubts about the path she chose. Many would empathise with that, and nicely written and paced. God bless
A good revelation of a house wife's "what ifs". Thanks.
A great message tied up in a well-written story. I suspect most of us have sojourned in the 'Land of Discontent' at some time or another. You've done an excellent job of pointing out that we need to change if we're to ever leave that place. Well done.
Very, very good. I like the way you indicated your protagonist's inner dialog. Thanks for this story!
You handled this story so well. The way you developed the idea of discontent to not having reason for discontentment and then getting rid of all the reminders was quite a master stroke.
Oooh, Karen, GREAT job on this! There are some punctuation errors to fix up, but they didn't detract from the story at all. This was very well-written!
Good flow throughout. I agree with the punctuation. Excellent ending.
I love this story. It effectively portrays the inner struggles so many people have, The "what ifs" and second thoughts. Very good piece. I enjoyed reading it.
Unfortunately, I think many of us can identify with this character. You did a great job of opening her heart to us. Your portrayel of her actions matches well to the inner dialogue. Great ending! Have had to remove sources of discontent myself!
Woohoo, Karen! Way to go!!!
Congratulations, on your win! Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us.
Congratulations on the win! I could most certainly relate- very real. Hmmm... must be a "chic" story- no guys leaving comments!
Congrats on 1st! This is a great reminder of focus! I enjoyed your writing! Be Blessed.
Congratulations for a well deserved win!
Great story, Karen. congratulations. Guess you have to move up a grade now. Won't be long B4 you're playing in the Advanced sandpit. Loved the way you got into the character and kept back the reason for her not marrying the other guy. Satisfying end. Good sense of place, too. Yeggy.
Great work, Karen! I bet many people can identify with the main character ... seems like you've really touched something here. The postcards wouldn't get me so much as other things, but the response should be the same - deal with the discontent - a timely challenge. Thanks. And CONGRATULATIONS!
Karen, I'm only just getting a chance to leave some feedback for the Postcards Challenge now, but really wanted to publicly say "Well Done!" for this 1st place winner in both the Editors' Choice and the Level 1 awards. It was a very good story, that was made a great story by that last line. It was the perfect ending. Well done and I'm looking forward to seeing some more from the Aussie Invasion in the future. Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)