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May the blessings of the Lord be stored upon you today and forever more. I feel that this came directly from your heart, keep the faith and what's meant to be will be. but more than anything continue to keep your faith in God he will never fail you.
A point of view not often heard. Thanks for sharing.
I love the element of hope that you introduced here with the wife's prayer journal.
My heart breaks for you if you are writing from your own experience. So glad for the hope in this story! Even impossible things can happen through prayer and God's wisdom and direction! The woman was right to leave to wake up the passive man. It brought him to his knees and hopefully restoration!
How sad and yet what love. Imagine! on the day she was leaving him she still made coffee and pancakes! How right that he decides to let God change him! Keep writing.
I love the honesty in this piece. No matter how hard we try, however, we have no power over our sin. We must be born again. This is hard hitting and heart hitting writing. Don't neglect to proofread.
This was an interesting article, I think that without drawing a picture of the wife her personality and resolve were well formed. However I have to agree with the seeming passivity of the husband, witch left me thinking that his good intentions would not resolve the situation nor would he repent of the sin. The relationship between the writer {you} and the charater {the husband} became distant at the point of his admission, I want to see his turmoil...hopefully he his wife leaving him is his wake up. Please keep writing on difficult topics it's the world Jesus came to save.
didn't proof read which not witch.
nice lessons. I would like to see the scene and characters more fully developed. Still, a clear and concise writing.
Difficult and much needed topic. Keep up the great work.
A good lesson that many husband's need to learn. They need to be the spiritual head of the household, which means they need to have God in charge of their own lives.