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This was written well but I'm concerned about the content. This makes it sound like Judas was tricked into falling into Satan's plan. He knew fell well what he was doing, I do believe, long before he did it.
Judas did and didn't have a choice in his actions. This we will not understand completely until we get to heaven. What we do know is that everything prophesied in the Old testament had to come to pass and Jesus being betrayed with a kiss by Judas and for 30 pieces of silver had to happen as spoken so long before it actually happened.
Interesting point of view and well written But God already knew Judas's evil heart and knew he would betray Jesus. Judas had free will. He decided to betray Christ.We have free will today. I hope we accept Him and live for Him.
This is certainly extremely creative! Good job with snappy dialogue.
a very interesting perspective, to be sure. however, the scriptures say that Judas was a thief, so the reference about giving to the poor would not have motivated Judas. good creativity, though. i am looking forward to reading more of your work.