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I have heard this from many people! When the best sights they have are right in front of them! Thank you!
A good lesson (as I sit here at the pc with my baby on my lap, kicking at the keyboard, daughter asking me about the faces on coins and work that needs done lol) Nicely done.
Ouch! What IS important indeed…Thanks for the heart-tug!
What mother doesn't relate to this - even just a teeny bit? You've done a good job of capturing a day in Marilyn's life. Does she ever learn? P.S. Better go and hang out my washing. Thanks for sharing!
What a great concept. I don't even have children, but am sitting here going through some sightseeing entries ... with a mess in the kitchen, the bed unmade, still in PJs ... hmmm ... time to go do something constructive. Thanks for the wake-up call!
Karen, I'm running a bit late, but wanted to make sure you knew that you were in the semi-finals for the Sightseeing Challenge, which really deserves a pat on the back. But I also wanted to let you know that I had to step in as a judge for this particular challenge (due to judges being unavailable) and I rated your entry very highly. I thought it was a treat of a read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hmmm ... perhaps that's because I related just a little too well to that virtual, time-wasting trip.

Karen, if you ever sign up as a 500 member, please let me know.

With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator and FW Magazine Editor)