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Lovely article
So sad. We become so attached to our pets, it's difficult to say good-bye.
Very cleverly written! Although we have had many dogs we have had to put down due to similar circumstances, I was so glad to see your story was about animals and not people. The second set of quote marks always are on the outside of punctuation. That should be something you keep in mind. Very nice story and again, very clever in your way of presenting it.
A very touching story. For a while I also thought you were talking about people and not dogs! As my family dog has just died, I can really relate to this.
I really liked your story. As many have said, I did think at first that it was about people. When I read that part that said seventeen years, I wondered if we were about to read about the twilight years of a civilization--when we begin to euthanize because of blindness. But no, it was about pets. I, too, have recently lost a cat to cancer and had her euthanized, and so the piece was comforting.

I don't know if you meant for us to have this confusion. If not, you might consider putting info in at the beginning-dogs instead of them or something. But really, great read.