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Your strong feelings about this sad situation are very evident in your writing.

I don't quite know what to think, though--I think I need to know why the families were so against this couple. Because I have to agree with them--people shouldn't be together without marriage. There was a lot unsaid here on both sides of the story, and it just left me puzzled and sad.

We agree on one thing, though--love is a powerful thing!
good story.I wonder if it came from an Asian background where arranged marriage and the family can be very powerful. I am not sure about your use of the term crucified. I dont think it helps as it makes one think of being nailed to a cross (as jesus was) persecuted would be better. I gather from the story that the family burnt the young couple and killed them. Sad but I know in some culture this does happen and there have been cases among Asians in the UK.So beleivable for me but some other people maybe less so. thank you for sharing it