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God works in mysterious ways, doesn't he?! Your article illustrated one way, when we have experienced a near tragedy.

Remember to edit your works: double and triple check spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure.

With some reworking here, your article could make a nice devotional piece.
What a great story of God working a miracle to bring the MC to Him.
The flow was a little choppy, but all in all I enjoyed it.
I love to read stories about how God works!

Be careful of commonly confused words: I caught through/threw and to/too. Just little bumps in an otherwise inspiring story.
I like this piece. A story of spiritual darkness and coming into the light. Good job!
This was a good devotional with a lot going on. I think it might even be more impactful by by narrowing it down to the moment of the accident and then developing it from there. That way your reader will be able to get more involved with your MC (main character) as you would have more time to show his emotions and not necessarily tell the reader about them. Overall a nice story of what brought about a man's life-changing decision.
Nice story. Just be careful of those typos. I caught one in the first paragraph and well as some others along the way.

You may want to write your story in Word and run a spell check on it before previewing and posting it.

Thanks for your story. Keep writing!
Good story. I wondered WHY he had the bible in the boat in the first place otherwise it was clever.