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I've felt many times, even now that I'm "old". I still wonder where God is at at times, and have to seek His face all over again. Very Good Job expressing the emotions of this young believer!!!!!
Cat :-)
A wonderful voice. Your imagery is nice too - some great word pictures. I love the message too - very nicely presented.
This is a fine testimony. God is there when we are prepared to seek Him with all our heart, and you have described this perfectly.
You have a good writing style that carries a powerful message. This is a good entry.

One suggestion: count the number of times you used the word "just". In my own writing I tend to use the word "really" too much. It has become a goal of mine to always find some word to replace "really". It really helped.
Very nice story. I too, have had my times of saying, "God, where are you?", even though I know He is there. Thanks for sharing this great message.
I too enjoyed this testimony and echo the overuse of the word "just." Its a personal pet-peeve, whether spoken or written. Using the word "just" tends to lessen the voice of authority of the one who uses it too often.
Great message given, drawn with clear details. Readily speaks to everyone I know... :)
I like the voice of this and how you took us along with you as you looked for God (and found him)--especially the part about following the pastor home. LOL.
Great job expressing the emotions and jouney the MC took. Wonderful message.
Excellent theme. When I was younger, I remember people would tell me that I must love God with all my heart. I'd stare at one of those pictures of Jesus (that probably looks nothing like Him) and try to feel love. I felt so guilty because I couldn't muster any. I didn't really know who he was. So, many of us can identify with this topic, and it helps the unbeliever to understand God's real presence in our lives. The thing that kind of distracted me a little, however is that the MC is that if the MC is old enough to drive wouldn't also know--in a common knowledge sort of way--that God would not visually appear. I think it's adequate enough just to show his struggle with knowing what it means to know God in the spiritual sense.
Your title is perfect. What nicely written and transparently honest testimony. Please keep writing!
Very nice story with great imagery. Very good read, thanks.