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This is a really nice peace, with a little polish it'll be even better :)
WoW ! no sleeping on the beach. Fancy that. A little difficult to read because it needed more spacing, but hey, good storyline.
I enjoyed reading this. What a long night! I had to laugh at the "once it rained for a whole week". I live in Washington, so its more of a shock if it sunshines for a whole week! :-D I hope you stayed awake until the fireworks, I'll bet they were glorious over the waves.
Nice entry. It was written in an interesting way, expressing your thoughts honestly and sincerely.
California has alot of weird laws (LOL) Nice writing, but a little harder to read without spacing. You had to be awake for the fireworks then!
God bless ya, littlelight
Very visual. I wonder if moving this to 3rd. person past tense would make it stronger. Present tense is difficult to write/read. Add some spaces between paragraphs and you have a good one. Thanks for posting.
A documentary of weary waiting - ?!? Did you make it to the fireworks?