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I really enjoyed this very true adoption or birth you learn to love them the same way. Very inspiring for others that are looking to adopt. God Bless and enjoy your times with them, while there little they grow up so fast!
Beautiful! You portrayed your thoughts and emotions very well. This is so good. thank you for writing it.
Good personal narrative filled with insight. Good job laying out your theme, then sticking to it - would have been easy to tangent on other family members, their feelings, etc. Nice writing. :)
A charming entry that shows the heart of a mother is fully capable of loving many children! I especially like the part where you were honest with God about your fears and the tie-in to how He loves His adopted children, too.
Your story is well expressed, demonstrating clearly the love of a mother for a child from the heart, not from the belly! Just as Jesus said, "Suffer the little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for to such belongeth the kingdom of heaven" (Matthew 19:14 NAS), you have illustrated in action the love of God for His children and His creation. May you be blessed as you continue to honor God in all you do. Stay strong and persevere.
Excellent writing expressing your emotions. I enjoyed the line, "He said 'no' and stuck to it, and she survived." You have shown a true mother's heart and our loving heavenly Father's love.
I think you have done what you set out to do. Showing the changes and growth as a person as well as a mother. Showing love that comes from Christ. The struggle to love someone elses' child is also one dealt with by foster parents--we went that route for awhile, and as you so clearly have shown, it really is about God's love for us, in action. Blessings to you.
What a beautifully honest and heartfelt narrative of motherehood. LOVED the last line.
Your story instils hope. Thank you for choosing this part of your life for this topic.
Your last line sums this up very well! I liked the line where the dad said 'no' and stuck to it and "She survived" that made me chuckle. Nice job! ^_^
Love the last line of this especially, and the wisdom throughout. Enjoyed the read.
It is obvious through this writing to see that God has prepared both this mother's heart and her family for the new child. How lucky and blessed for all of them. I really liked the way you tied in the fact that we are adopted into the family of God - truly inspired.
I appreciate you sharing your story. I think it is wonderful when people adopt children and help them find a happy home.

You said that you wanted red ink, and the only thing that I would suggest is to maybe do more "showing" than "telling" Perhaps you could describe specific events that took place with you and the child, or add some dialogue between you and your husband as you discuss the idea of adoption. It's really up to you how you approach it, but I think letting the reader imagine some things would draw them in more.

Don't get me wrong, this was well written. I enjoyed reading it, and I thank you for sharing it. :)