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A great Story but space does not permit proper coverage. Expand it and fill in the gaps.
Very vivid descriptions - and an extremely compelling read. I agree, though - expand this when you can. I would LOVE to hear more!
Good job of telling a story in the confines of word limits. I agree with the others, you can expand on this perhaps even to a novel length.
Very good, I caught one small glich at the end, good reading.

I agree with the others, you should expand this, it shows promise.
A large time span and a lot of action covered in a small space, but you controlled it well. Good job. :)
I'm so glad Tony didn't let his own feelings of guilt get in the way of helping his nephew grow up. Getting in his face like that was the best thing he could have done to wake him up. Just imagine the result if Frankie had gone as far in the wrong direction as he eventually did in the right!
Very well done! I especially liked the first half--really, really strong writing.
Very nice! I didn't know that little bit of history. ^_^ I wish there was a tad bit more here, it felt like it needed more. Otherwise, really, good I liked the first half and especially the uncle's words to him. Great stuff. ^_^
So glad you threw your brick or I would have missed this wonderful entry.Not one to get goosebumps, I'm covered in them. Keep up the good words.
Very good writing here! So glad I caught your brick!
Wow! A very good entry here. To make people wish for more is a huge compliment. Well done!
You had me till the very end. I echo what others are saying. I wanted a lot more, but unfortunately that 750 word limit kept that from happening with this one. You did a great job with the amount of words given to you though. The story felt complete regardless.

Thank you for sharing! This was an enjoyable read.
Glad I stopped by to read. Excellent story and I agree, wonderful compliment to leave your readers wanting more. Excellent writing keep up the good work and look forward to reading more.
Congrats on your win! ^_^
Bill! We're moving on up brother! Congrats on your third place win. That's awesome! :)
Congrats on placing this week. If you expand on this, let me know, it would be a great read.
This was great. So much in so few words. I know that is hard to do, but you accomplished it well!
CONGRATULATIONS on a well-deserved win! Your title really sums up your whole story very well, and I love the mood you set in the beginning!
Congratulations on your 3rd place. I really like this--the writing is very good. The dialogue was excellent. Nice job with the topic.