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Sooo cute! I chuckled out loud a couple of times. This is a good read.
You had me wondering all the way and that was good. Thanks for the laugh. Keep writing.
A delightful, funny story; however, does not even mention the topic of this week, which happens to be "father". Try, try again, because this is written well, and was VERY good - just needs to follow the Weekly Topic. Thanks for the chuckle!
I liked your voice throughout:) Delightful! You might want to develop your opening paragraph abit more. I think your ending was a good surprise and your dialogue was great!
Good job. You certainly have a flair for the dramatic. :) Nice.
This is a hilarious tale.
First person is a great way to make the reader connect with your MC. The danger, however, is the over use of the pronoun "I," especially at the beginning of sentences. For example, all three sentences in your second paragraph begin with it. Try looking for creative ways to reduce the number of "I's."
And thanks for the great medicine!
Oh my-this is really funny. Your writing style is very descriptive and enjoyable to read. Great story!
Love the writing style, great humor!
Oh this is too funny! I can see a grandmother telling this story to her grandchildren and everyone having a good laugh afterwards. Great job-and I especially loved the short bits of dialog between her and the sack boy, it showed more of how she was feeling. Great job. ^_^
Even if this was a bit of a stretch from the topic, it was still hilarious, and I loved reading it!

Keep up the great writing. I look forward to reading more of your entries. :)