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Riveting piece. It takes courage to revisit old pains and memories that we tend to pack deep inside and out of sight, hoping they will just go away. I was very touched by your story and your ability to pull me into the raw emotion and terror of this kind of abuse that causes so much internal damage. I thank God for His grace and ability to heal our hearts and to show us that His love can overcome the worst possible traumas in life - especially when it comes to parents, who are supposed to be our protectors and nurturers - not our worst enemies. Very well written and expressed.
Well-written tension evoked strong emotions. Very good control of this story. :)
Oh wow! I hope this isn't true for you, though I know it happens way more often than it should. Your fear was so real and the descriptions so powerfully frightening and riveting. A very, VERY strong piece.
Powerful story. Feelings well put across. Why these things h appen is hard to fathom. Believe me I know what I am talking about.
courageous and well written.
The onley pain worse thanthis is to know he did not get saved. thank you for showing that forgivness is healing.
Wow. This is very well written. I felt total fear for the MC. I was actually shaking by the time I finished reading. Very good job, and I can't imagine how hard this was for you to write.
I'm glad you girls were able to tell and make your escape from that dreadful time. I hope your dad was able to be freed from the sin that was hurting your family so terribly. Wow, you're so brave and honest in this account, and I know it must have tough to write about. I pray your life at home, after these incidents, improved. God bless you for sharing this with others. May He use it to promote change in someone else's life, too.
My prayer is that there will be someone reading this who needs to see your courage. I pray that your courage will give them the courage they need to start the road to healing and recovery...that they too will reach out to someone and cry, "Help me!" You are indeed very courageous to revisit your past and write this piece. Isn't this what our writing is all about? Touching lives through the power and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Wow. I admire you for your courage. This took something to write and you did well with it too. Thank you so much for sharing this.
I really admire you stepping out and telling this true story even though I am sure it was very painful to tell it.

I think that writing is a great way to express emotions and deal with life's issues. I appreciate you sharing this. I look forward to reading more entries from you. :)
^_^ I hope this qualifies as RED INK:

I was a little surprised that she gave a hug after all that had happened. If she was scared enough to be running to the sidewalk.

The part where she and her sister talk-there is only a sentence about the brother. I wasn't even sure if he was there at all and if he helped them get away, if he went with them, etc. That needed some clarification, I suspect the word count cut out some of the details like that.

And why did the Mom go away? Just to visit family two days away? Why did it seem so hard to reach her?

Otherwise-you captured good feelings here. I hope that helped some! ^_^