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Oh, this is absolutely adorable! I remember being mesmerized by my grandparents' "teeth tricks". Great job, enjoyed it very much!
LOL! That is so funny! I would almost say "poor girl" to Ally as well, but I'm still smiling! You did great with the point of view and especially with making out the wooden spoon to be an 'old friend' that made this all the more believable. Great job! ^_^
Very clever! I remember my own little daughter being horrified by the sight of her grandmother's teeth in a glass of water.

One small note: "staccato", not "staccado." And a small suggestion: your title really gives away the surprise in the paragraph where you experience grandpa's teeth for the first time. Consider a new title, perhaps?

I really enjoyed this entry.
This story will bring a smile to your face. Good work!
ROFL! This was a hoot.

Jan has a point about giving away too much with the title. Perhaps "Served with a Smile?"
HAH HAH!! A smell a winner here. I love this phrase: "the wooden spoon seemed to gravitate towards my rear end." Excellent writing, right up to a kicker in the last line.
This story made me laugh so hard! I loved it! Your ending was great. I guess that wooden spoon was nothing compared to the horror of seeing the teeth come out. :)

I have a felling that this entry will place high this week. Excellent story! :)
Oh, this is good, I hope it does well, despite the two exclamation marks plus the all caps. A few minor glitches but this one reads so well I smiled the entire time.
Congratulations on your Highly Commended. I remember my great-uncle's scary teeth--so frightening for a youngster. This is a very clever entry.

P.S. I agree about the title--it gives away the surprise.

Nice job with the topic.