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Oh, how awful!

I had to stretch to find a connection to the proverb--was it that the admin "cut off their nose" when Julia was asked to leave? And toward the end, you switched from 3rd person (Julia) to 1st person (I)--a little bit confusing.

I have a dear friend whose daughter is getting caught up in this lie, and it breaks my heart.
There are a lot of emotions in this. Try to keep your words simple. The reader gets bogged down with too many "big" words in one sentence.
Also, you changed from 3rd person( Julie) to 1st person (I,me) in the last couple paragraphs.
Keep writing
You did well showing the contrast of the characters. :)
I took it that the lesbian woman was the one cutting off her nose, because she thought she was hurting Julia, but in the end, it will be her own life that suffers from the choice she made. This was kind of fuzzy, because the story focuses more on Julia's pain than it does the other woman.

I liked the fact that Julia stood up for her beliefs despite being persecuted and harassed. It can be hard serving God sometimes in today's harsh world. Good story. Thank you for sharing!
This is very good. I don't quite see the topic here, but the writing is very good.
Hi Beth: I wanted to leave a comment - I comment you for writing on this topic - very important issue facing us Christians today. These things are actually happening to those of us who are standing for God's truths. The rights of God's people are abused for the few who want to remain in this abomination.

Many of us want to speak out and cannot - some of us do and the topic is exactly what is happening to us.

I think you are right on target and you did an excellent job of writing. Keep us the good work. Look forward to reading more of your stories.
Hi Beth: I ment to Write Commend - not comment. Thank again.