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Wow! This is something I just can't imagine having to do. I think about it and know that God would give me the strength and courage when and if the time ever came, but still, I can't wrap my mind around it. This was very good writing. I am wondering about your word wrap, though. Did you type it right on the screen? That is the only thing that really jumped out at me as odd. This was excellent. Thank you for sharing a very thought-provoking piece!
I would sure hope that if I was faced with this decision that I would make the choice that the characters in this story made. Very powerful writing.
This piece spoke to my heart, and I hope that if the time comes that I'm faced with a choice like your characters, that God will give me the strength to stand for Him. Very nicely done. Keep writing!
Wow. A very powerful entry! Well done.
I'm glad I figured out the link from your hint ... this is very well done! Great job!
The final sentence says it all: "The hymn began again, their voices raised to Heaven, and a minute later their souls followed."
So well written.
From the title, i would say they kept good company with our Lord. Very thought provoking and the age old question, What would i do ? Great writing.
This is something that is so true and that Christians should think strongly about.How many would be willing to die for Jesus?
What a wonderful testamony of the power of faith. Blessings to you for sharing it. Keep up the good writing.

True. Amen.
Wonderful! and well spoken. this article reminds me when this young girl at an high school was faced with death by an boy who had a gun to her face, and she was asked "did she believe in God" her response was "yes" then he shot her. so we all got to be ready. Thanks
This story reminds me of true accounts of modern day martyrs I have read in "Voice of the Martyrs" monthly magazine. There are more people dying for their faith around the world today than at any time in history. Thank you for reminding us of the courage and faith of those martyrs through your story.
Linda Settles
I knew almost immediately where you were going with this story. We need more stories like yours, and more so, we need to be people with such a steadfast faith in Christ, we are willing (should 'death for faith' be our earthly fate)to pay the price with a smile and a song. Blessings!
Very powerful!
This gave me chills. This subject is something we each need to think about because things are changing, rapidly, and we each need to be ready to give an answer for the hope that is within us, while talking in a relaxed situation, or while facing death.
Wonderful and moving article. And thank you for your review on my poem: The Rapture. I needed the encouragement as I am very new to FW. My FW friend, Judy Wilson -- is an amazing poet through whom the Spirit works/blesses. Blessings in Christ - Colleen Fischinger.