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Very nice writing!! Good sentence structure and good ending!
Couple of suggestions - your POV shifted from each character - you might want to stay in the head of only one...and when you have quotations like this:

"My name is Bob," he said.

the comma is always inside the quotation marks whether single of double.

Hope this helps! You write well for a beginner!!:)
Right on topic! I like your title.
Good descriptions and dialogue.
Good job...keep writing.
Very realistic story line, and your message is SO true...though, this kind of pie is not on my diet plan. ;)
I totally agree. Every employer should first be an employee. Great writing. I like your creativity.
“Hey, you got time for lunch with your little brother today? We can eat in my office; I’ll be serving…humble pie.”

I loved the use of humour to show how the little brother had learnt his lesson.
Great story, an enjoyable read.
Terrific story employing the proverb. Good job.
You nailed the topic and characterizations. Good job!
Your story is very interesting. Doesn't humble pie taste terrible?
This was very good. I liked it a lot.
What a unique twist on 'humble pie'. It sure puts a new meaning to the phrase. I liked the realistic office setting, my only note was that Daneil seemed to have a very quick turnaround, it was good, and ended the story in time, but with the intesity of the emotions I saw building up in him, the end was a little 'smooth' where he just walks out, all humbled and invites his older bro to lunch. Otherwise, pretty good writing! ^_^