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Truly, the church is people, not the building, as you have expressed. This is a clever approach to the topic this week. I liked the line about the church building wanting to cry out like the rocks.
Your writing truly pours out from your heart. That is what makes you such a great writer. From the entries I have read so far this week, your entry is one of my favorites. Well done.
Passionate! Great writing.
Unique and interesting approach.

Separate into paragraphs, please, with white space between, for ease of reading.

What a creative way to write on the church!
You title got me and then your story. Keep writing, you have such wonderful emotion and the ability to get it on paper.
I love this! Taking the first person POV is great! I liked how you repeated the title phrase. It was like poetical prose!
This line was unclear and perhaps out of place.
"On the Easter Sunday I've never been nearly so full."
Did you mean of people or the Holy Spirit?
Great writing1 Keep it up!
The title grabbed me, and your entry kept me interested until the end.. great creative idea and you pulled it off. I was a beginner just a few months ago, and didn't know about teh paragraph spacing.. now I get it, but I think most beginners need to hear how important that is to the reader.. GOOD writing.. keep it up...