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I could definitely see this one performed, and I think children will love it. I really liked the football guy; he made me laugh.

A suggestion: study some published skits and scripts for conventions of scriptwriting: Character names followed by a colon, stage directions in parenthesis, etc.

I'd be very interested to know if there's something significant about the word "Cleezykin" or if it's just a fun word. The script is adorable.
This is delightful and fun. I could definitely see this performed. Keep writing!
There are plenty of adults who could benefit from this play, too! So cute; young children are so attracted to this style of interaction.
Well done! Children would love this. But even more important, but there is a real message for everyone...not just the little ones.
I would love to see this preformed. Great message.
I love that you included a deaf character who signs. Lovely.
Okay-LOLZ! I would love the see this acted out! It is just too funny. I laughed through the whole piece, I bet children would just love to watch and join in this. Great writing! And love the term "Cleezykin"
At first I didn't get this at all. Then, when I finally did get it. I loved it. I could clearly see the actors in my mind. This was a fun read. Kudos!
Thank you for reading my article. I find it very interesting to read something from a reviewer of my writing, and this one of yours was a delight. I love skits.