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You bring out a good point that sometimes our actions speak so loudly people can't hear what we are saying. The switch in pov made it a little confusing though and I wasn't sure if the woman intended to leave her husband or stay with him.
This is a very sad little entry. I hope it's not true. You are very right, it is hard to live with someone if they act very different at home than they do while at church. Keep on writing!
Yikes--this one definitely has a surprise ending!

Would God tell a person to divorce simply because of hypocrisy in their spouse? I'm not sure of that one...perhaps your main character needs some good spiritual counsel, herself.

Good job of "socking it" to your reader, though.
Nice combination of poetry and story. Your piece will be more readable if you leave blanks between paragraphs. This is something I found out only after I had entered a copuple of times. Interesting read and nicely done.
Hopefully she wasn't serious about that last line (I'm with Jan don't think God would say that to someone). However, if someone delivered this poem to a spouse who was "all talk" and didn't live up to that talk, I'd bet it would get his attention, and maybe make him think about gettting his life and his talk on the same wavelength. Interesting.
Very sad...but sat under a SS teacher like that.
What a wake up call for the husband. So true of some church folks. Maybe some expansion would help this little piece out, I would like more of the story. God Bless