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This is certainly thought-provoking. I'm not sure I agree with your first paragraph entirely--certainly there are many, many of us who ARE in caring, unphony churches. But your writing really gives us reasons to examine ourselves, and our fellowships.
Wonderful, thought provoking comments. I have been in the church you describe and I, too, thought that was the way all churches were. I have since experienced true worship and true heart-felt deep fellowship in other churches. If this is a true story of what your church is like, I encourage you to visit other churches, perhaps outside of your current denomination. Visit an Independent Bible Church or Evangelical Free Church or some other Bible believing Bible teaching non-denominational church. There are real, caring, compassionate, true believers out there.
Although I agree with you to some extent, I think that those who put on a false front are in the minority - at least, in the churches that I've been fortunate to know. While we sometimes keep our most intimate thoughts and problems to ourselves, I believe that most of us are open to the leading of the Spirit. If a brother or sister had a problem and voiced it, I think the Body would be ready to help and support them.
I agree we should be open and truthful. I also am glad that many of us are.
A definite call we all need to hear! Well-expressed, though like the others, I know there ARE churches with real fellowship (and real fellowship in churches like the one you described!). Keep writing!