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What an unique way to look for messages from God. It is something I would have never thought about. To know that God speaks to us each day is one of the best comforts we can have. His love encourages us and keeps us on the right path. Thanks for a reminder of how much he wants to be a part of our life.
Good title. I really wanted to know how a message could be formed of 3 letters, but this is very interesting. The diversity of ways that God talks to people truly is amazing. I have got one question though, did you ever notice the numbers?
How wonderful that God can use even license plates to talk to us, if we are receptive. A nice testimony of the way the Lord speaks to you.
I always read license plates and now I'll be looking for those 3 letter messages. :-)
I really like this. I'll be paying a lot more attention to license plates now. Good message, and good title. Very well done.
Great idea! I hope I remember to do this as I while away time at the traffic lights. Good entry and really interesting.
A very creative and enlightened way to see how God can and does speak to us. Now I can keep my eyes and ears even more alert to His codes and signals. Great job.
Your entry was of special interest to me because my husband and I try to decide what the letters on license plates might stand for. I hadn't thought in spiritual terms. You have a very good organization here and have used pertinent examples. Good job.
I like how you pointed out God being the bold one; it's something we might not always think about. He's been speaking to me through certain numbers for over a year now, so I can definitely relate to you and I think your license plate thing is very cool! Good luck this week! :)