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Nicely done. A great reminder that the "safe" path isn't always the most productive or rewarding. Great reminders of the bold biblical characters to which we owe our gratitude.
Excellent poem. You stayed true to the form throughout, which is more difficult than many realize.

Favorite part: "into the world he loved/And longed to save." Very, very nice.

Great job!
A precious commentary. : ) Hard to believe you are at a "beginner" level of writing. Great form, great content.
The boldness of Biblical characters challenges each of us to step out of our own comfort zone. Your poem flows naturally and you make it sound so easy to put writing into verse. I really liked it.
Good meter. Great flow. Nice imagery of each scene. You conveyed each scene separately and created a wonderful whole.
Your words balanced perfectly in their stanzas and the message they carried was powerful.
Beautifully written verse! You may have entered this at beginner level, but this is not beginner writing. ;-) I see gold in 'them thar' lines!
Great job! I love how you wrote about so many in such a short piece.
Simply beautiful!
"Your faith has made you whole." Makes you want be be bold!Beautiful piece.
Superb piece of writing. Well deserved commendation.
Anne, this is just wonderful. Your writing style fit the topic and told such a wonderful story. It's one of those that make you stop and ponder. Loved it.