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I love, love, love how you included the cat as a part of this girl's internal monologue. It added such a wonderful touch to your story.

I was a bit confused as to your narrator's age--couldn't quite place it. And who's George? And what is the plan of action? Just a few things to resolve on an edit.

Lots of food for thought here--Christians need to examine their actions under your microscope!
There is a boy with Down Syndrome at a local church I've been to. He ,too, sings and praises Jesus loudly and boldly...completely heart-driven. Not too much on key, but passionate.

Yes, there are many who avoid making eye contact with the boy or even worse, expressing anger towards him.

To me, he brings sweet laughter and joy. Only if the Body of Christ could all learn to worship so "open-faced" holds barred. Perhaps there would be more power in the church, yes? Thanks for the story. Keep writing!

Yes, the cat was a nice touch,too.
Very touching, a meaningful essay that needs to be read by a number of folks. A couple of comman errors that might be fixed with a proof reader. Thank you for sharing this essay.
I can see this sweet girl talking to her cat. What a lovely picture. And what a heart for her sister. Kudos to Christy and to you for bringing us this touching story.
We often eleviate our confusion by talking to animals. They listen so well.
And sometimes we get the answers through the animals we talk to.

God bless and keep writing.