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Good use of dialog.
I like the way you set the scene here with the "imagine..." paragraph.

You're a good writer; I urge you to experiment a bit with writing tagless dialogue. It'll give your writing even more sophistication and variety.

One of the better devotionals this week.
I really enjoyed the "flashback" point of view of Adam and Eve. And the theme of your story.
If not the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, don't you think we would have had to be tested in some other way? God gave us free wills; eventually, we'd have to choose, yes? Isn't that what it's about now...our choices?
Thank you for your ending thoughts. Jesus has bought us a far better covenant with His Blood; the Holy Spirit and His power are both sadly missing from many of these Christian stories. Honestly,it should be all we talk about.
See how inspiring your work was to me? Keep writing. I'm looking forward to reading it.
I loved this too. The way you described Eden, and then shot over to Adam and Eve was so descriptive I could picture it. Great idea for confusion. The very first time it entered the world!