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LOL! Mid-air perspiration indeed! I liked this a lot - especially the first 1/2 which had most of the humour. DOn't forget that you can get a serious point across very effectively with humour. I challenge you next time to keep up the humour all the way through!
As it was - fun and telling. I, too am a bit of a recovering fixaholic!
Very good writing and an interesting point of view! I think we all lapse into superfixer somewhere along the way! Thanks for reminding me to take out the log in my own eye first. :)
WOW! I like this, a lot! You kept me interested. What a unique perspective. Good job!
Really enjoyed this piece. What a lesson we can learn from Grace!

I like your style - very easy to read. You kept my attention throughout the entire story.

This was a nice twist on this week's challenge. Unique and different. Great job!
Very good point and very nicely written.
Very nice! I really liked your beginning with the clear image of a female superhero. Very fun.

Just a suggestion: I would have liked to see the narrator in action trying to fix someone. Show us a fun situation where she is busy at work. Then she can realize her own problem and her need to first work on herself.

This is good. I like your writing style.
Creative and I like your voice. I especially like the disclaimer. Good job!
I think you nailed this one! Great job. I love the dry humor and especially the superheroine bit. Excellent imagery and lesson. ^_^
I loved the disclaimer!! I had a preconceived idea of what this might be about, so that sentence opened up my mind to your story. You might consider putting in some dialogue between you and one of your "patients" to give this even more appeal. I have a feeling you could bring in some fun humor along with it. I really like how you brought home such an important lesson from such a unique point of view.
Oh, I loved this!!! It was wonderful. The disclaimer at the beginning totally threw me off and sucked me in. I was hooked. Then the voice, it was perfect. The ending, 'I am Grace a....' Too Good!! I loved it. :D Beyond that, and more importantly, it packed a wallop. A stinging wallop. Excellent!! :D
A good read, pretty well written. A note about writing first person - be careful with the number of "I" pronouns.
What a great voice! I really enjoyed this - and you made a wonderful point!
Excellent story! Congratulations on being highly commended.
***Congrats on your highly commended!***
Very good! Congrats on your Highly Commended!
Hey! I really like your sense of humour, and it's so well expressed. I wonder if you could write a series on the "Adventures of Superdame of the Golden Wings"?
Ways to improve it? Hmmm.. a tough one. I think the voices of experience (above) have said it all, and I agree. A bit of dialogue would help, using that delightful dry touch to it. Carrying the humour to the end wouldn't lose the seriousness of the message, true, but the occasional isolated bit of heartache expressed can add some more dynamics to it.
But I really liked it. Congratulations on yr placing!
This very well written entry would be a good one to send to "God Accepts U-Turns."